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Tiffany Salzman | Candor Concepts

Hey there!

I'm Tiffany, a Business and Marketing Strategist Helping Businesses Scale Beyond the Bottom Line

I work with engaged, purpose-driven business leaders and marketing teams to create the strategies, systems, and processes that get results while giving my clients time back to enjoy their work and their life. I’ve seen too many business owners create a great company, only to get stuck maintaining the machine they’ve created rather than continuing to pursue their vision.

Let’s align your vision, strengths, passions, and processes so that you can make the most impact, pursue your vision, increase profits, and scale your business.

Our Valued Partners

You’ve heard it time and time again, 80% of your results come from 20% of your effort. But finding the right 20% can feel like you're searching for a needle in a haystack.
Let’s say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to results!

How we can work together

Business/Marketing Strategy

Helping you achieve more by aligning your business and marketing efforts on the 20% that really matters.

Marketing Operations

Helping marketing teams leverage processes, systems and tools to make the most of their time and talent.

Stage Ready

Presentation planning, support and marketing plans to help you make the most of each speaking opportunity.

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Ready to get better results with less time, effort and frustration?

I have good news, you don’t have to do it all!
The key to success is creating value and impact for your clients, team and business. Let’s get you moving towards the business you envisioned and scale beyond the bottom line.


  • “Tiffany is amazing! Hire Candor Concepts, you won’t regret it!
    She is focused on your long-term success!”

    – Paul T., Eagle Restoration
  • “Tiffany is one of the more brilliant branding and marketing people I know. She understands better than most the importance of connecting with an audience for who and where they are (as opposed to wasting money on strategies that won’t work). She’s also one of the best at strategies for building a reputation.”

    – Sid S. of Predictable Traction
  • “We hired Tiffany to help take our marketing to the next level and working with her has far exceeded our expectations. She has a talent and unique depth of knowledge in the marketing realm which has provided us with an effective and manageable plan. We especially appreciate her no-nonsense approach and responsiveness and would recommend her services to anyone looking to dial in on their marketing strategy.”

    – Garetta K. of Keefer Strategy
  • Tiffany has an uncanny ability to cut through the noise in the world of marketing. Her focus on teams and results brought our work into focus and her deliverables were nothing short of wonderful.

    – Krissy M., Sr. Director of Strategy and Marketing, OCHIN Inc.